Appaloosa Stallions


Echos Kingfisher #597302 FPD 93%
Sire: Ghost Wind Echo
Dam: Comanche Misty #T288661
Foal Date: 6/11/00

Fisher is a few spot stallion with a black triangle above each hoof and a descendent of the "Ghost Wind Stallions." He has good conformation, an excellent disposition, and is both intelligent and people oriented. We will often ride him bareback around the farm and he is taken on trail rides two to three times a year through Amish country with up to 140 other horses. Fisher always behaves like a gentleman and was seen doing the "Indian Shuffle" when he was younger.

To date, Fisher has sired several foals and they all have had color - a few by Appaloosa mares and a few by a sorrel AQHA mare.
Fisher's Pedigree

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